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Agape Christian Fellowship
30 Canal Street
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301


Sunday Services


10:00 a.m.    


          m. bryan gantt, Pastor


       Michael k. Gantt

     senior pastor



Pastoral Staff

M. Bryan Gantt, Pastor


In 2010, the word Associate was dropped from Bryan Gantt's title as he was named Pastor at Agape Christian Fellowship. Pastor Bryan has assumed the majority of the administrative responsibilities of the church and is assuming a greater role in the pulpit ministry at Agape.  Bryan is a diligent student of the Word of God and particularly adept at bringing to light Hebrew and Greek cultural light in the interpretation of the Scriptures. 

The eldest son of the senior pastor, Michael Bryan has grown up in the ministry. As a child, he traveled with his mom and dad all over America.  He is an accomplished musician and has served as the church's worship team leader for over 10 years.  He and his wife of 12 years, Rebecca have four children: Gabriel Michael, Hannah Lynn, Emalee Mariah, and Maddisen Daneel.

     Bryan joined the pastoral staff in January of 2005 and has quickly grown into the role.  In addition to training and involving many of our children and youth to serve in the worship ministry, he leads a small group ministry, teaches Biblical worldview through our Anchor's Away program, and has taught in our Pastoral Training Institute. 



Michael K. Gantt, 

Senior Pastor 


In 2010 Senior Pastor Michael Gantt has begun a significant transition in his role at Agape.  Though he will still be active in the pulpit ministry he has begun to release the administrative responsibilities to Pastor Bryan and taking a more focused role in teaching and discipleship ministries.  He is teaching in the adult Sunday School, leading the Institute for Christian Discipleship (a two year discipleship program) and working in the development of discipleship groups throughout the church.  

In addition to the expanded role in teaching, Pastor Michael has also taken on the role of Mission Team Leader and along with our Mission Team will be directing our program of worldwide evangelization.  

Rev. Michael Gantt has been on the Pastoral Staff since 1981, and has served as Senior Minister since March of 1988.  He has a passion for multi-generational ministry, believing that the mission of the church is to penetrate the culture at every level, extending the influence of the Kingdom of God throughout every level of society; government, the judiciary, education, philosophy, and the arts.  As we establish the principles of the Kingdom in the hearts of our children, educate and train them to lead, and thrust them into the mainstream of society the Kingdom can be established.

     "Pastor Mike" and his wife of 40 years, Barbara have spent their entire ministry in the Brattleboro area.  They have five children and eight grandchildren.  In addition to his ministry in Brattleboro, Pastor is actively involved in extending the Kingdom throughout the world with partnerships in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, and Zambia where he is active in establishing churches among tribal groups and training leadership for the future.

Email Pastor Gantt at mkgantt@acfellowship.net

You can also visit Pastor's personal blogsite at www.2michaels.com

 You can also find Pastor Mike on FACEBOOK




Carl Brown, Elder

   Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army (ret) Carl Brown has served as Chairman of the Missions Team, a missionary to unreached peoples in Guatemala and Oaxaca, Mexico, and now, has returned to the United States and resumed his role as Mission Team Leader.  Carl's partner in ministry is his wife of 40 years, Verlaine and the two bring passion, commitment, and vision to our worldwide evangelization ministry.  

     In addition to their responsibilities in missions, Carl and Verlaine co-lead a small group ministry group, continue their work with Calvary International, and maintain full schedule of counseling and mentoring younger believers.  Verlaine also serves as our church liaison with CareNet Pregnancy Center in Brattleboro.

     In January of 2010 Carl relinquished his position as Chairman of our Mission Team as he seeks to lend his experience to other areas of ministry within the church. 



George Handy, Elder

   After a life-long addiction to alcohol, where he spent as much as 17 years without sobering up, George Handy was miraculously delivered not only from alcohol, but from suicide.  Having endured the loss of their only son, who they cared for through 27 years of disability, God has given the Handy's tender hearts toward those who are hurting.  His wife, Sandy, is his constant companion.  They work as one in their important ministry, and have traveled the world together as good will ambassadors for Agape Christian Fellowship.  

     A gifted craftsman with wood, George works for a local company that builds custom mahogany doors and windows.  Sandy is a Early Education teacher in a building adjacent to George's company.  Almost every day the two meet for lunch and as they eat together they also spend the time praying for members of the body. George Handy's quiet wisdom and deep spirituality are a treasured asset of Agape Christian Fellowship.






Agape Deacon's Ministry

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Agape Ministry Leaders

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Greg Loomis
Mercy Ministries
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Nate Chechile

Agape Christian Fellowship

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Expanding the Kingdom of God not only in the US, but in:  Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Nova Scotia, India, Thailand, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, and Southeast Asia

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